Hunter S. Thompson over objectieve journalistiek

De man schrijft zo prachtig, zijn waarnemingen zijn treffend, zijn journalistiek subjectief, kwetsend, tendentieus zo u wilt. Hunter S. Thompson vond gonzo journalism uit, omdat objectieve journalistiek niet meer in zijn tijd paste. Of omdat het alternatief, objectieve journalistiek, volgens Thompson helemaal niet bestaat. Hoewel:

The only thing I ever saw that came close to Objective Journalism was the closed-circuit TV that watched shoplifters in the General Store at Woody Creek, Colorado. I always admired that machine, but I noticed that nobody paid much attention to it until one of those known, heavy, out-front shoplifters came in to the place … but when that happened, everybody got so excited that the thief had to do something quick, like buy a green popsicle or a can of Coors and get out of the place immediatly.

So much for objective journalism.

Uit: Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing at Rolling Stone, Penguin Classics 2012, p. 129

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