#scoop 2: Economie van de sportprestatie en Cameron waarschuwt Taliban

#scoop is een grapje uit de kroeg en een nieuws-wedstrijd tussen @vogeljanen @vanderlubben. Elke dag ‘scoopen’ zij een onderwerp dat best wat meer aandacht in Nederland had mogen hebben. En dus, voor de goede verstaander, als nog kan krijgen. 

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The Olympics and Economicsa 2012 (Goldman Sachs) – “For some years, the GS Economics team has published a guide to the World Cup and Economics, something that is routinely one of our most popular publications. Perhaps even more than the World Cup, the Olympic Games symbolise the values of global integration, international competition and collaboration, stamina, discipline and teamwork. For Brits, even expats like me, the return of the Olympics to the UK is especially exciting. With our London office already preparing to welcome friends and visitors in a few weeks’ time, we take a light-hearted look at the Olympics and Economics, for the very first time.”

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David Cameron has warned the Taliban during a visit to Afghanistan that they will not be able to simply “wait it out” until troops withdraw in 2014. The Prime Minister said British support for the country would remain long after the planned exit date. But his words are unlikely to deter the Quetta Shura, the insurgent leadership, and their handlers in the ISI, the Pakistani intelligence service.

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