Let’s us all find Osama Bin Laden

[twee reracties vroegen onafhankelijk van elkaar om een Engelse tekst … Vandaar]

Given the financial crisis it is clear that important decisions in banks (or any organization for that matter) should not be taken by a select group of boardmembers. The modern organization is run by everybody. Not the wisdom of the specialist, management literature makes us believe, but the wisdom of crowds make cooperations succesfull. All you need is some elementary social media functioning as an information infratructure and the rest, well, that’s the best part, will ’emerge’ automatically.

It made me wonder …

Can we find Osama Bin Laden, using all the sociale media on internet? Combining all our knowledge? Making use of the wisdom of crowds? Nobody is the sole moderator of the site were we can drop all our ideas, theories, fantasies and fears. Everybody moderates! And all serious analysis will be combined and documented to the United Nations. So, let’s start with our queeste … <<

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